Saturday, September 03, 2005

NO, FEMA and Katrina: a malestrom of ineptitude

With all that's happened over the past week along the Golf Coast, one wonders why the situation is as bad as it is. Here's an article that I fell puts it all in perspective, and exposes the truth regarding the poor handling of this disaster by the New Orleans & Louisiana authorities.

This article doesn't touch on the handling of this disaster by FEMA, which has been nothing short of horrendous. Having worked for six weeks for DHS/FEMA on a contract with them (I left the contract on 8/30), I was exposed firsthand to a level of incompetency and bureaucratic infighting that rivals none other on in the country, maybe the world. Each subordinate agency of DHS is so worried about protecting their own little fiefdoms and their governing elite that they have lost all focus on their primary missions. FEMA is especially notable since they're the most visible due to the current situation, with the TSA running a close second. I can't go into more detail due to the nature of my position there, but it was not the most pleasant of working experiences.

This disaster and the recovery effort will be a massive one, and it could give FEMA a chance to shine as a leader in the effort. Unfortunately, I doubt this will happen since they're just now, with the prodding of POTUS and most of Congress, getting their act together and starting to work the situation.