Thursday, August 25, 2005

I stand corrected...

...about the speech I posed yesterday. Apparently it wasn't made by thge current CNO, but rather by a retired Chief who posted to my site yesterday. I've posted the reply below so that the proper disclaimer and credit can be conveyed:

I'm glad you liked "The Wrong Army," but it is not a speech by the Chief of Naval Operations. It's actually an opinion column I wrote for Military.Com.

A reader copied the column off the Military.Com website and began emailing it to friends. So far, so good. But somewhere in the strange netherworld of internet email, it picked up the headline "Navy Chief Fires a Broadside." I have no problem with that. I am a retired Navy Chief, and I was definitely firing a broadside.

After a few hundred more bounces, that became "Navy Chief of Operations Fires a Broadside," which eventually morphed into "Speech by the Chief of Naval Operations."

The CNO’s Public Affairs staff has been jumping through hoops, trying to make sure that the big boss doesn’t end up taking the heat for something I said.

For the record, I am not the Chief of Naval Operations. I may have delusions of grandeur, but they don't stretch the boundaries of reality quite that far. Also for the record, the CNO did not write "The Wrong Army." I did. If you like it, the credit goes to me. If you hate it, I get the blame. It's not part of a CNO speech, nor any part of his professional writings. "The Wrong Army" is my baby, warts and all.

Please set your readers straight on this. Admiral Mullen has quite enough on his hands, without catching flack for something he didn't say.


-- Jeff Edwards