Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Back from vacation

Folks, I’ve been taking the summer off from blogging since I’ve had a lot of things happening this year, plus I needed a break from the rigors of the past campaign cycle and the stress of the world. This summer reminds me a lot of the John Cusack/ Demi Moore film “One Crazy Summer”, but without Rich Little as the ever present DJ. But now I’m back, refreshed and ready to post my own brand of logic and wit again, and I couldn’t have picked a better time to return. So to my loyal readers, I apologize for my unannounced absence. And to my new readers, welcome to my blog, fresh for the new year. Now, on to the posting…

1. The Judge Roberts nomination “battle”

President Bush couldn’t have picked a better nominee, someone who is low-profile, anonymous, and not a political hack with his hand out for payback. This has created more than a small dilemma for the Dems, since there is little to no dirt on Mr. Roberts that can be dug up and plastered across the news media for all to distort. And digging into his children’s adoption records, that’s low even for the most biased of the leftist muck-rakers. I feel that Judge Roberts will come through the nomination process with flying colors and will be a superb associate justice for the SCOTUS. A home run pick by POTUS.

2. Robert Bolton and the UN

Here’s another great pick, one who’s in the right position at the right time. With the UN on the verge of implosion due to the various scandals and other corruption that has surfaced, we need an ambassador who will represent our interests correctly and not be swayed by the elitist intelligentsia that dominates the UN. In short, he’ll tell the UN to straighten up or ship out as that body has become less and less relevant to the world order since the end of the Cold War, and then be able to pick up the pieces and possibly create a new body that’s more in tune with the needs of the US and the western world. That or be there to sign the lease over to Donald Trump for a new revitalization project. One can only hope.

3. NASA and the Shuttle: RIP…

While I’m a big space exploration fan (yes, I’m a child of Star Trek), I do think that its time to say goodbye to the Shuttle program and RIP to NASA in general. Richard Branson has already proven that the private sector can launch a man into and return him safely from space for a small percentage of the cost of a NASA launch, and with a much faster turn-around time. In short, the private sector can do it “better, faster and cheaper” than NASA, which carries the same motto. This would also lead to an unencumberence of billions of dollars that are currently being fed into the NASA bureaucracy. I can only imagine how this would help the federal budget process or where the money would be redirected to, but at least it wouldn’t be going into a black hole with little accountability and few tangible or justifiable results.

4. Multiculturalism and terrorism: another “axis of evil”

I read an interesting commentary by Michael Barone in this morning’s paper titled “Blowback from multiculturalism”. Multiculturalism as we all know, is the idea that all cultures are equal to all others and should be equally embraced and studied, most notably by the liberal elite, intelligentsia, college professors and the news media, as well as many others. This thought process helped give rise to the idea of political correctness which as swept our nation and attacked many pillars of our society, but that’s another discussion.

What his column dealt with today is how the West’s obsession with multiculturalism has lead to the current round of terrorist bombings in England and the destabilization of European society as a whole. This is because most western European governments adopted an attitude of “move here and you’ll be tolerated, no matter where you’re from or what you believe”. Unfortunately, this tolerance of differences over assimilation into a nation’s cultural fabric has led to a breeding of intolerance among these various “exile” communities, with the results manifesting themselves over the past month. Well, the Brits and Dutch have tired of this, with PM Tony Blair announcing that his government’s tolerance of intolerance is at an end, and that if you don’t get with the program, stop spewing hatred and assimilate into English society, then you’re going to face a plethora of restrictions, including deportation to your county of origin.

I think that this is a proper stand for PM Blair to take and it has been long overdue. I also feel that this is a stand that we need to take in this country as well. I understand that we are a nation of immigrants, but our immigrant population assimilated their cultural identity into ours and helped create a unique “American” culture, somewhat akin to the Borg (Trekkies will understand this reference). However, if we tried to do something like that here in today’s society, every group from the ACLU to RainbowPUSH would be screaming that our government is being unfair and not taking cultural differences into account, a common cry from all these groups already.

Unfortunately for these groups, they don’t represent the majority of America or the general feeling of insecurity and the need to do something that’s sweeping the country. People are tried of watching old ladies and children strip searched by the TSA or NY Transit Police while others pass on by in the name of non-profiling, and they want something to change, even if it means offending some by singling out those people in the suspect group for more stringent searches and security measures. And if these people don’t like it, then our borders are equally porous on the exit side and they’re free to leave at any time. Either way, they must either learn to live in our society and assimilate or go back whence they came. Our national safety depends on it.